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Hello and welcome!

I’m Elizabeth Bianchi, owner of the Charming Balloon. I’ve been twisting balloon sculptures for the last 8 years. As my art comes in a lot of forms, I enjoy the diversity of both being able to twist live at events and produce balloon décor with what I make.

My love of balloons started for me one day when I had picked up a balloon twisting book and was playing around with a few skinny balloons. I attempted to make a balloon dog. I was quite discouraged at first as what I made looked terrible, but nonetheless I kept trying to get better. What ended up happening was a full-scale adventure of learning techniques and balloon designs from around the world. I am completely self-taught.

I’m a little different from typical balloon twisters because I am engineer-minded and see balloons like building blocks. I sketch out what I’m going to make and then piece it together like I’m working out of an instruction manual. The artistic side in me can design pretty much anything, given enough time and supplies! I’ve created balloon miniatures, wearable headbands and bracelets, and certainly any type of animal under the sun, whether small or large. My personal challenge to test my skill was weaving the balloon dress that Miss South Carolina modeled. Weaving balloons is extremely difficult because the twisted bubbles shrink over time, resulting in something that will fit incorrectly or maybe not at all!  It took me literally a full 24 hours to create the dress from start to finish, but I enjoyed it. I will keep challenging myself; learning new ways of doing things and creating interesting styles of art.

Let me know if you would like to add balloons to your event. If you are not quite sure what might work, I’ll be glad to brainstorm some ideas. Visit my contact me page to get in touch!

Elizabeth Bianchi, Owner/Balloon Artist

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